Career Profile

Mobile Developer with 16 years experience developing iOS, Android, Unity and Flash Platform applications for mobile, web and desktop. Specializing in OOP development utilizing standard design patterns, with extensive experience in project architecture. Available Corp-to-Corp.


Contract Mobile Developer

October 2009 - Present
Mighty Bits Inc.

iOS, Android and Unity Developer building apps such as MobJob, and games such as Smash Vote, Crazy Sheep, Bunny Bop and more. Built apps in Objective-C, Swift, Cocos2D, Unity and Adobe AIR.

Contract iOS Developer

July 2011 - May 2014

Joined Gree (then Funzio) as a developer on the Kindgom Age team. Founding member of War of Nations team; vetted and selected frameworks, architected initial project and led development. Implemented Gree's custom JSON layout framework for Call to Arms, before working on 3D game Crime City 2.

Contract Flash Platform Developer

June 2010 - December 2015

Lead Flex developer for a medical data visualization application for type 1 diabetics. Architected Flex 4 application utilizing the Mate Framework and custom skinned components.

Contract Flash Platform Developer

July 2003 - October 2009
Disney, History Channel, JCPenney, Kia Motors

Architected and developed flash projects for clients.


Disney - Architected and developed a Papervision3D application for international retail partners with packaging configurator and printing system, and streaming video player with dynamic subtitles in 12 languages.
Kia Motors - Led team development of, including a custom MVC AS3 framework used as the foundation of all future Kia sites. Built car configurator, allowing users to design, save and print a new Kia. Integrated with existing AMF Java backend and CMS. Rehired to develop Flash sites based on the developed framework for Kia Soul and Kia Forte.
JCPenney - Created dynamic Flash marketing site for JCPenney’s many brands, with bulk-loader, pre-caching and custom CMS.
Deloitte - Developed a Flex enterprise asset management solution product for Deloitte Consulting, with aggregated LiveCycle Data Services data displayed in custom maps, charts, graphs, and gauge components. Rehired to build a desktop AIR app to assist Deloitte consultants in scoping client projects.

Skills & Proficiency

iOS, Swift, Obj-C

Unity 3D

Android, Java

Sketch & Photoshop